Sleepy boy sitting in bed. Tired child in bedroom

Kids wet the bed for many different reasons, the most common being that the child has not developed fully physically. While you cannot make your child’s physical growth progress more rapidly to stop the bedwetting, there are some things that you can do to help if your child is wetting the bed due to some other reason. Here is a list of beds you need for your child. In this article, you will find why children wet the bed and a possible solution to each problem.

Why do kids wet the bed? Because they are nervous about wetting the bed!

Kids wet the bed sometimes out of pure nervousness of the possibility of wetting the bed! As crazy as that sounds, kids actually set themselves up for failure by becoming nervous about the possibility of wetting the bed and this sometimes results in a wet bed throughout the night. Kids who are nervous about wetting the bed should be offered a solution such as underpants that will keep them dry, clean sheets nearby, and even a parent who is open and honest in discussing the situation and telling the child that the bedwetting is uncontrollable.

Why do kids wet the bed? Because they had too much to drink!

Sometimes, a child is fully able to make it through the night without wetting the bed but they are offered so much to drink at bedtime that this just plain ruins the possibility of a dry night. If kids drink too much they are far more likely to wet the bed than if they have reduced fluid intake in the evening hours before bedtime. Try limiting your child to nothing to drink the two or three hours preceding bedtime-in many cases this will solve the bedwetting problem all together!

Why do kids wet the bed? Because they ate a food that they are intolerant to!

Some children are intolerant to certain foods such as dyes or colors in foods. Sometimes, this will cause a child’s body to react in a way that involves releasing the bladder of all contents in the middle of the night. If your child wets the bed every time he or she eats certain foods then you should limit his or her intake of such foods for the entire evening period before bed. If these foods are a must, try feeding them only during the early hours of the day leading up to lunchtime to reduce the risk of bedwetting.

Why do kids wet the bed? Because they have parents who wet the bed!

That’s right, if you wet the bed as a child, then chances are that your child will wet the bed too! Children who have parents who wet the bed will be up to 70 times more likely to wet the bed as well. Don’t worry though! Although you can’t change your genes or your child’s genes, 99 percent of all children who wet the bed (wether genetically predisposed to or not) will stop with time!


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